2 questions about geo-distibuted KC

A do google a while, but cant find reasonable answers, so register there and want to ask:
1)We have 2 separate clouds, with domain controllers on each cloud (one domain, controllers can see each other and can replicate). Also we have multiregion DB, 100% replicated and consistent ib both clouds. Our goal is to make 2 self-sufficient clouds, in cloud a - keycloks ask domain controllers which are in cloud a, and in cloud b - keycloak servers ask controllers in cloud b. But we can configure AD settings only in keycloak GUI, and this settings are same for every server in keycloak. Ive found that i can point controllers in string, spce separated (i.e. ldaps://controller1 ldaps://controller2) and so on, but it doesnt work, i can see in logs that KC ask first controller in string, and if not accesible - fail.

2)Next question - is it possible to know somehow, via browser and Webinterface of each server - to which server ive been routed by external load balancer ? I know about enabling metrics, but this too much for us, to public so much information. May be there some plugin for KC, which can respond me for exapmle wuth one string with hostname or one string from config file of keycloak (i.e. open browser, type https://keyclaok.company.com and reseive kserver-clouda.comp.loc)