8.0.1 documentation

I am working to integrate an external OIDC provider into Keycloak. The software vendor we are using deployed version 8.0.1, I know old.

Does anyone have offline documentation for this version of Keycloak? We are finding the differences between this version and the current version (even from version 12) are large enough that large gaps exist.

Ex. how do we create mappers to bring in data from the OIDC provider to skip the required data page.

8.0.1 is a very old version. There are lots of significant changes with v12 and v17. but this doc link may help you,

Understand the age of version 8 but the vendor has not pushed an updated version of Keycloak to production, and we are stuck with v8 for the time being.

Thank you for this doc. It talks about starting the service which is already completed for us by the vendor.

Are there any available documents on server administration?