A comprehensive Keycloak Example Project

Dear Keycloak Community,

I’ve been working on a comprehensive Keycloak project example for a while, which demonstrates
various configuration, customization, extension and testing possibilities of Keycloak
that I wanted to share with the community.

Some Highlights:

  • Extensions: SMS Authenticator, Backup-Codes, Remote Claim Mapper, Audit Event Listener, and Custom REST Endpoints
  • Support for deploying extensions to a running Keycloak container
  • Support for instant reloading of theme and extension code changes
  • Support for Keycloak configuration customization via CLI scripts
  • Examples for Integration Tests with Keycloak-Testcontainers
  • Example for End-to-End Tests with Cypress
  • Realm configuration as Configuration as Code via keycloak-config-cli
  • Multi-realm setup example with OpenID Connect and SAML based Identity Brokering
  • LDAP based User Federation backed by Docker-OpenLDAP
  • Mail Server integration backed by MailHog
  • TLS Support
  • Examples for running a cluster behind a reverse proxy with examples for HAProxy, Apache, nginx, caddy
  • Examples for running a Keycloak cluster with an external infinispan cluster with remote cache store and hotrod cache store.
  • Example for Keycloak with Graylog for log analysis, dashboards and alerting.

The repository can be found here: GitHub - thomasdarimont/keycloak-project-example: A template project for Keycloak Customizations</titl

Kind regards,


hi @thomasdarimont,

I have a look of some of the examples which really give insight/idea on how to customize/extend keycloak.

It is the best material i have ever read for extending keycloak.

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thank you for sharing, this is precisely the kind of thing the keycloak community needs more of.

This was great, thank you for sharing.