Access denied after enabling ssl

Hi everyone, I am a bit stuck on an ssl related problem, I have configured an apache reverse proxy and then put keycloak behind it and installed the “app-authz-vanilla” application from the github quickstart to test my configurations, now everything works as intended I have generated the certificates for the web server virtual host and imported them into the wildfly server that the application is running, the wildfly server that has the application running is on a different host than where the keycloak server and the web server/reverse proxy is, each one has its own server, when I put the ssl-required argument to all in the keycloak.json of the application I always get a permission denied error and on the server.log I see that it says that “the adapter requires ssl” and then there is an http url of the endpoint, I don’t really know how to go about this as, is there something I need to do in order to secure my application like set up a java keystore? I’m sorry if this question might sound stupid but I have been stuck on it for a few days.

Thank you very much in advance!

Hi Marius,

Did you ever find a solution to this issue. I’m having exactly the same problem and have spent days trying to figure out why. Error is

o.k.adapters.OAuthRequestAuthenticator : Adapter requires SSL. Request: http:

with a 403 error after user login.

http: should be https:, but for some reason I can’t get keycloak to understand this. Tried all the various spring-boot, nginx and keycloak config changes I can think of to no avail. Any insight would be appreciated if you were able to solve your problem.

Hi all,
any suggestion?

many thanks

Hi there
Almost 1 year after, i’m facing the same issue. See here
Did someone found the reason or solution for this problem?