Access token validation with using identity provider?

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Is there away for an access_token assigned directly via okta to be validated in keycloak (when okta is an identity provider in keycloak)?

The system has 2 apps - frontend (vue) and backend for frontend ( core).

  • Frontend performs user login directly via okta
  • Frontend passes the access_token via Authorization header (Bearer) to BFF
  • BFF authenticate the user using keycloak

can keycloak support this? If yes - would be happy to receive references to keycloak's documentation or any other resources

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What is BFF?
Token verification is well known process,(decoding and signature verification) so that BFF should be able to do it.

Thank you for your reply.
BFF = backcend for frontend

Its role is to response to frontend’s requests (http). It extracts the access_token by pulling the Bearer value from the Authorization and use the access_token for authentication with the identity provider.

Indeed token verification is well know process, but where can I find the doc that configure keycloak to delegate the access_token verification to the identity provider?

Keycloak is an identity provider (IdP). So it issues tokens and token verificiation is job for service provider (SP - your backend in this case).

You can use keycloak-gatekeeper (properly confifured for okta IdP) in front of backend, which will act as auth proxy.