Account linking as a required action

Similar to this post from the mailing list ([keycloak-user] Account linking as a required login action) I’m looking to force identity brokering as a required action. A customer has the need that upon user creation, the user be sent an execute-actions-email with a required action that has them link with one of the configured IdPs. I’m pretty sure I see the way to do it with a custom RequireAction implementation, but I’m curious if anyone has been able to do this with just configuration, or they know of an oss implementation of an RequiredAction that already does this. Thanks!

Specifically, in the docs here (Server Developer Guide) it indicates there is a special action token type to “Confirm linking of an account with account in external identity provider”, but I don’t see that in the code (maybe IdpVerifyAccountLinkActionToken?), and can’t find it’s use anywhere.