Account switching in KC

I don’t know if this is posible with KC.
I want to achieve account switching with keycloak (one navigator, many sessions open)

For example:

Flow 1:

  1. Access to webapp (user not logged)

  2. Redirect to KC login page and let the user decide to

    1. Login (if no user was previously logged in with kc)


    1. If only a user is logged in return to the webapp (this is the default behavior)


    1. Select a logged in user (if there is more than 1 session open with this navigator)
    2. Open another account
  3. Webapp receives callback with the auth-grant for the user selected in KC login page.

Flow 2:

  1. An user is logged in into webapp, and selects the option: change user
  2. Redirect to KC login page:
    1. select another session previously open with this navigator
    2. open a new session

I’m trying to configure to work like account switching to gmail