actionTokens cache setup in cross-datacenter installation. Error in the docs?


I was taking a close look to the documentation of cross-datacenter replication mode:

In the basic setup, under Keycloak server setup, step 3, substep e, it says:
" Do the same for offlineSessions , clientSessions , offlineClientSessions , loginFailures , and actionTokens caches (the only difference from sessions cache is that cache property value are different)".

But, surprisingly, for actionTokens cache, preload attribute value is true, while for all the other caches it’s false:

<remote-store cache="actionTokens" remote-servers="remote-cache" passivation="false" fetch-state="false" purge="false" preload="true" shared="true">

Now I wonder which is the correct value for this attribute, and whether the mistake is in the explanation or in the example configuration.

Anybody knows?

Thank you very much,