Activating Production Mode on kubernetes bitnami Helm Chart

Hi, I would like to enable production mode on my Keycloak Chart ( bitnami, latest) but can’t find a way how to do it.
The Docs say I should

set KEYCLOAK_PRODUCTION to true and configure TLS

I have configured TLS already, but I don’t know where I should specify the ‘KEYCLOAK_PRODUCTION’ variable.
Anyone here who can help me? Thanks in advance

Hey @PascalF I have same problem, I used bitnami helm chart and I deployed kc 18.0.2, but I can set “production mode” or “environment prod”
Did you fix it yet ?

Hey, I fixed it - but not in the prettiest way.
First, you have to add a variable to the extraEnvVars like this:

    value: true

and it should work theoretically - BUT in my case it only worked if your helm chart version is v9.3.3 or lower.
Once you try to use a higher version it will throw a JDBC Connection error (and I haven’t found out how to fix it yet)

Hope this will help you :smiley:

Thanks for your reply! I will try it.
If i can resolve all, I will update this post.

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