AD+Kerberos Auth in same machine as Keycloak Server

Hello to all,
Currently I’m working in configure a Keycloak 15 instance with User Federation using AD+Kerberos.
I already configured Kerberos with a generate keytab file and tested the access with a browser in a VM that it’s in the same domain. It’s work fine.
Now, why it doesn’t work if I access the web app in the same machine as the Keycloak is installed?
There are several questions already answered in stackoverflow, where it is specified that the problem lies in sending an NTLM token because the client and the server are on the same machine.

But, in our environment there is a restriction that we need to have the web client and the server on the same machine. So I ask if anyone had this problem already and found a workaround (Other than accessing the server from another machine.)

Thanks in advance.