Add custom headers to keycloak IDP documents

I’m looking at keycloak as an option for something we currently already do today with ADFS.
Our product is using WASM and has needs for threading/sharedbuffers/etc. This forces us to set COEP and COOP headers on our main page. For the purposes of simplicity, we would like to process active-session IDP flows through a hidden iframe on the page, but that requires the framed page to cooperate with the COEP and COOP headers.

So I need to set them somehow. My test env has an RP, and setting them via the RP configuration is working fine for my test env… but we would like to provide documentation to our users on how to do this with other IDPs. I have links for ADFS… are there any such documents here? Is this supported?

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@hcldan did you ever get a solution on how to add custom headers?