Add field in client settings

Hello everyone, how can I add oneadditional field in client setting page so that i can store some data for every client or is there some other way to store some data and i also want to get this data in client REST API?

Thank you

Use client attributes and customize client-detail.html template. SAML config options use client attributes, so just mimic them.

But nothing stopping you to use Admin REST API (even without template modification). Client model has attributes, where you can save whatever you want (just use unique key, which will not collide with another Keycloak keys), e.g.:

"attributes": {
  "my-unique-key": "data which I want to save"

If you don’t understand, just create some SAML client, export it and check exported json client model to see how attributes are used.

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@jangaraj Thanks, one last thing i want to ask, Can i save this client attributes value via Keycloak Admin Console or any override method that i can use in standalone module?

Hello everyone. I am reactivating this thread to ask if there is any solution yet to this requirement you raise.