Adding Custom Credential Type


I’ve extended credentials and added my own type. when I try to migrate those credentials into the keycloak via admin REST API and sending request body like"

"credentials": [
                    "type": "MY_TYPE",
                    "secretData": "{\"secret\":\"123\"}"

jboss logs warning: [org.keycloak.models.utils.RepresentationToModel] (default task-86) Using deprecated ‘credentials’ format in JSON representation for user ‘000’. It will be removed in future versions

as I find out, this warning is because that I’m not sending credentialData . My credential type does not need credentialData, so should I ignore this warning or send an empty credentialData in request body?

thanks in advance,

Were you able to solve this Keycloak’s bug?

nope, I’m just sending the empty credentialData and this warning has disappeared