Adding login_hint in SAML request

Im using keycloak as saml idp and my Spring Boot application as Service provider.

I would like pass login_hint in query parameter for saml request. I understand that it works for open-id-connect. But it doesn’t work for saml request.

Please help

You can use the <saml:Subject> field in the AuthnRequest message.

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Thank you very much, It works

There is another solution for that.

Look at:

And from my experience it works, but I haven’t tested it on newer versions of Keycloak.

@xgp Is it possible to render sign up page instead of login page. The flow works like this,

  1. End user lands on Service provider
  2. It renders a page to user to enter the email
  3. Redirect to keycloak upon submitting
  4. Keycloak renders login page

At fourth step, Is it possible to control to render registration page instead of login page?