Angular JS 404 loading Modules

I have recently updated to a new instance of Keycloak 17.0.1 and it has mostly been smooth sailing but recently I noticed a few of the tabs on the admin console do not load.

When I try to open the Identity Providers, Events, Import, or Export tab for any realm including a brand new test realm I get a JavaScript error Failed to load resource 404 as part of the $templateRequest:tpload function in Angular JS

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()

Error: [$templateRequest:tpload]$templateRequest/tpload?p0=%2Fresources%2Fklz7t%2Fadmin%2Fkeycloak%2Fpartials%2Fnotfound.html&p1=404&p2=
    at angular.min.js:7:168
    at angular.min.js:168:19
    at angular.min.js:140:235
    at m.$digest (angular.min.js:151:385)
    at m.$apply (angular.min.js:155:259)
    at k (angular.min.js:106:309)
    at v (angular.min.js:111:422)
    at XMLHttpRequest.y.onload (angular.min.js:112:335)

Everything else appears to be fine and I am able to log into my services using Keycloak. Is there an obvious reason this doesn’t work and why it seems that items under /resources does not load?

For reference Keycloak is installed in its own Proxmox CT with Postgres as the database. It is running behind Cloudflare and HAProxy on my pfSense firewall. I am connecting to keycloak on port 8443 using proxy mode reencrypt.

I have found that I also cannot edit or add groups now as I am still getting 404 errors from keycloak.

I am currently having this issue with Keycloak 18.0.1

Were you able to get it rectified?

Yes, for me it was a folder permissions problem, I had to make sure the user keycloak was running as had write access to the install folder. I didn’t track what folders it writes to.