App in Okta Dashboard and app authentication in Keycloak

Hello everyone, I need some help with a use case. I have an Okta dashboard where I added an application. This application manages its authentication through Keycloak. I configured Okta as an OIDC IDP in Keycloak.

When I try to access the application through the application’s URL directly and log in through the “Okta” IDP on the Keycloak login page, everything works correctly. However, when I log in through Okta and click on the application in the Okta dashboard, I arrive at the application with an error: Keycloak responds with a 403. In the Keycloak events, I receive a “CODE_TO_TOKEN_ERROR” with an “invalid_code” error.

I noticed that in the application URL, there are two query parameters for “iss”: one corresponding to the Keycloak URL and the other corresponding to the Okta URL.
Unfortunately, I do not have access to the Okta configuration and can only modify the Keycloak configuration. I think a configuration needs to be modified in Okta, but I’m not sure. Everything looks good on the Keycloak side.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can resolve this error? Thank you in advance for your help!