Auth0 Keycloak Migration

I’am a newbie in the field of identity management / oidc and I need some advices and pointers

My task is to migrate a SPA Application using Auth0 as identity provider to Keycloak. For a transition phase Keycloak should delegate the authentication to Auth0. Roles and permissions encoded in the Auth0 tokens should still be passed back to the SPA.

One way to do this might to use the Identity broker features from Keycloak. In this case I assume that we should configure Auth0 as identity provider in Keycloak (OIDC V1). I’am right? Or is there a better way to achieve that? Are there any resources/working examples/gists beside the official Keycloak doc describing how to setup Auth0 within Keycloak?

The second issue I’am facing is to transfer token values from the Auth0 token to Keycloak token? Can I achieve this via mappers? Could you provide an example how to pass a custom token value from Auth0 to a Keycloak IDToken?

Hey @aschuma, did you ever get answers to these questions?