Authenticate local unix users

Hi all,

Is there any way to authenticate local unix users via keycloak to let them access to a client resource? The users can be stored on server machine as well.

One of our application can be used by unix system user with admin privileges. I was thinking about creating a local keycloak user for the same purpose, but the system user has far more capabilities like using shell commands, etc. which a local keycloak user won’t be able to do.

I saw few use-cases where keycloak is used to authenticate unix users to let them use the OS. However, my use case is reverse, I want to authenticate the existing unix users to let them use the application deployed on the same machine.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

You can use Kerberos to authenticate the users on the locally machine, and Keycloak is able to authenticate users via Kerberos.

Alternative, would be to have unix users authenticate via OpenID Connect. Not sure if there is anything for unix yet, but Windows has this ability at least.