Authorization via APIs with Azure AD/ADFS when Flutter app is integrated with Keycloak


we have been using keycloak as our identity provider for our web-apps. In case of azure ad/adfs authorization, we configure keycloak accordingly and the authorization is handled by keycloak.

We are now building a mobile app in Flutter for our application. One must-have requirement for the mobile app is to support finger-print/face-id auth. We have 2 approaches

  1. use web-view in Flutter app and it would open up keycloak login screen or Azure AD/ADFS login screen similar to what happens in case of web-app. But here we are facing challenge of how to enable fingerprint login
  2. In this approach, we are exploring if the browser interaction of keycloak with azure ad/adfs can be simulated by APIs. For example when our authentication is just with keycloak, we can use keycloak APIs to get the access token, is it also possible to do this for Azure AD/ADFS authentication via Keycloak, if YES then please refer us to relevant documentation.