Auto configure keycloak without logging to admin console at the deployment time of my application

I have integrated keycloak to my application and I need the following configurations to be done at the time where my application is deployed. These tasks have to be done without logging to admin console.

  • Add new Password Policy
  • Access token life time
  • Email configurations like(smtp,username,password,port)
  • Disable admin login,
  • Disable creating new realm
  • Create clients, client roles and map with other client roles
  • Change priority order for configure OTP and update password
  • Adding custom theme
  • Add scope for the access token
  • Enable forgot password under realm settings
    Any support or guides are highly appreciated

This is 3rd duplicate of the topic:

Please don’t duplicate topics.

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Ohh. Is there any solution you are aware of for this topic @jangaraj

Sorry, solution is not to post it again and again. Be patient. This is community only. Nobody here is paid here to give anyone any help.

If you need help so desperately, then pay for that, e.g. buy RedHat SSO (that’s paid Keycloak version) and you will have support directly from the vendor.

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