Backchannel Account Linking to refresh Multiple IDPs tokens

Hey guys,
I’m trying to use multiple identity brokering with keycloak, adding salesforce and github for example.
After I’m logging in to each of these providers, I’m able retrieve their tokens with the broker/{idp}/token endpoint. After a day, these tokens are no longer valid - and it requires me to log in once again to each of these provider. Using the account linking API, Keycloak is able to refresh my connection with the IDP and thus provide me a new IDP token through the token endpoint. I wonder, is there an option to perform this refresh through server side only? Without involving a browser in the flow?

If not, what is the most recommended way to do such thing? Requiring my users to log in to each of the external providers, once a day, is a bad user experience. I’m striving to provide a single log in to allow request to multiple external services.

Many thanks in advance.