Broken installation after domain change

Hello everyone,

I run a keycloak installation on a domain. Recently we switched domains after losing access to the old domain (its a non-profit, these things happen).

The keycloak server seems to work after the domain change, however every time we try to log in it redirects us to the old domain when we try to login. I’ve tried changing the “Frontend” domain in the settings, but this seems to have no affect.

I made a backup of the keycloak database, and searched it, the old domain is not even referenced in the database. I tried grep’ing the entire keycloak install and configs, but still no reference to the old domain.

Does anyone have any idea where keycloak is getting this redirect from? And how to change it?

Just wanted to post a small update, i grep’d the entire server for references to the old domain and found none. I am super curious how keycloak has this redirect to the old domain we no longer control…

Is the redirect_uri being passed by the client application? It may not be Keycloak where it’s being stored.

Also, look in the “Valid Redirect URIs” in your Client configuration in the admin to see if you have a permissive URI. If you restrict it to only what you think should be allowed, you will get an error when the client application tries to redirect to Keycloak for login. Then, at least, you’ll know the value is coming from the client application.