Can i activate a custom theme by configuration

I have create a custome theme and i want to activate this theme by configuration.

Have anyone a solution?

At the Moment i have Deployed my Theme as Archiv and added it by Module in the standalone.xml


See: Configure Theme

And, looking at my application’s database export I can’t see any mention of the realm’s theme?

I have the same issue. Running keycloak in docker/kubernetes/aws infrastructure. I have added my theme to the themes directory and tried setting environment variables but still having issues getting my custom theme to be the default for a specific realm when the container restarts. The theme is still there when I restart but I have to reselect it in the dropdown menu for the client. How do I set that to default on container rebuild? Is there a way to edit a standalone.xml file or set an environment variable? The documentation doesn’t seem to cover this scenario.

U need to add tag

<default>theme name</default> after <dir>${jboss.home.dir}/themes</dir>