Can we inform the admin that he is creating a user without filling email field ( a warning message )

Hello team,
Please I wanna know if it’s possible to extend for exemple the EventListener to catch the adding user event and check if the email is empty and then warn the admin that he is creating a user without email, because I didn’t find a solution to extend keycloak to made this field mandatory, so at least warn the admin.

Take a look at the new User Profile SPI, which was introduced in v14, extended in v15 and will be more detailed in v16. There, you can set input validations.

I tried it, but I didn’t find a solution how to do that, when I add a new validation in my user profile for the field email, it doesn’t work, do you have please an example of a JSON Editor ?

Ok, seems that the “required” flag doesn’t work or isn’t evaluated for the email field.
Hopefully it will be working in v16.

So there is no way how to inform the admin that the email is empty ?

I didn‘t say that. Perhaps the way with an EventListener will work. Just try it out. :man_shrugging: