Can you use a Microsoft DB's users table to authenticate users?

I understand that Key Cloak uses H2 databases by default. I found some obscure information saying that I am able to connect a Microsoft Database instead? Would it be possible to then use a preexisting users table for authentication? How long would this take? Thank you

It is possible to use external databases via “User Federation” in Keycloak. There are, by default, LDAP and Kerberos providers. It is possible to implement your own provider.


Example using MySQL database as a source:

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I see they are using mysql, is it possible to use Microsoft SQL? I cannot find an extension or any information on that

Looks like there are other community extensions out there that support User Federation with Microsoft SQL databases. E.g. GitHub - opensingular/singular-keycloak-database-federation: Keycloak User Storage SPI for Relatio