Cannot_match_source_hash when trying to set up the quickstart "app-profile-saml-jee-jsp"

I’m at my wits end wit this, so plerhaps someone here has faced a similar issue?
I was going through the SAML quickstart - configured my keycloak as per quickstart prerequisites, installed a new instance of wildfly, installed saml adapter, deployed the quickstart jee app. It starts and shows its index.jsp, when i try to log in into the app i’m successfully redirected to my keycloak but is produces this error:

[2022-02-14 13:25:37,198] [INFO] [thread=default task-2] [] [requestId=1644834337192.0.5131017306597371] Got Event
[2022-02-14 13:25:37,202] [WARN] [thread=default task-2] [] [requestId=1644834337192.0.5131017306597371] type=LOGIN_ERROR, realmId=<realmId>, clientId=null, userId=null, ipAddress=, error=client_not_found, reason=Cannot_match_source_hash

Initially i thought it was about they keys, but i’m exporting the client with private key and cert directly from keycloak.

Ok, looking at the conde now i see that it extracts the issuer and tries to find a matching client. The error i see is produced by checkClientValidity when client==null.

String issuer = requestAbstractType.getIssuer() == null ? null : issuerNameId.getValue();
ClientModel client = realm.getClientByClientId(issuer);

Response error = checkClientValidity(client);

So i assume that my issuer of “http://localhost:8080/app-profile-saml/” is not equal to “app-profile-saml”. That would certainly be consistent with my previous experience when i was using keycloak as a broker for ADFS.
Wonder why quickstarts insists on naming the client just “app-profile-saml”…

Edit: Yep, renaming client to “http://localhost/app-profile-saml” was enough to make it work

Having exactly same issue, followed the SAML quickstart with same error, where exactly did you rename the client, in keycloak client config, Client ID field?

Edit: its ok got it working but with port number included, thx!