Can't create different admin theme for master and other realm

Is there a way to create a different admin theme for the Master realm and a custom realm?

I copied the “keycloak” folder entirely, rename it to “myTheme” and edited the “admin\resources” folder with some CSS changes and new png files.

now, after a server restart, when I select “myTheme” in the Master realm everything is working fine.
however, when resetting the master admin theme back to “keycloak” and changing “myRealm” admin theme to “myTheme” → nothing happens,

is this by design? can we only change admin thems from the Master realm?

You can change admin themes for any realms, but in order to activate them, you must log in via that realm. The theme does not change based on which realm is selected in the admin, but which security admin console you log in from.


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thx for the answer
I can’t log in to keycloak from a realm other than the master

I will open a separate post on that