Can't send "Reset Actions Email" when disabling Client "account"

I’ve run into an issue when disbaling the account client. It does not seem possible to send users a Reset Actions Email, when the account client is disabled. To me it seems like there should not be any connection. Can someone help me with this? I have no need for the account client and I want to disable or even remove it, but I am reluctant to remove it until I have figured out the reason behind my problem.

Thank you.

Don’t remove the account client! If you don’t need it, just disable it (as well as the other few auto-generated clients when creating a realm).
The account client is a default fallback client, at some point hard coded in Keycloak core. Removing it might cause various issues running and updating Keycloak (been there, done that, painfully).

I don’t know if your reset action email sending problem is really a matter of the account client, but as this default fallback client thing is somehow widely spread, this might be a reason.