Changing username possible in the master realm but not in a second realm

We have 2 realms and both of them have the setting Edit username turned on. In the master realm, the field for the username shows in both the admin console and in the account platform for users.

But in the other realm, although the setting is the same, that field is hidden and can’t be used.

What else could influence the option to edit usernames if not only that setting? We are on 10.0.1 and couldn’t find any reason for this. Hope someone can shed some light on this?

This is still an issue, anyone around who could help?

I think you need to change your Realm settings. Go to you Realm settings, click on the Login tab. Disable Email as username and save it. If you do this you may be able to see the username edit option in user detail page.

@aragon thanks for the suggestion but that options isn’t available:

Screenshot from 2020-06-08 08-10-38

Is there anything else that has to be configured to be able to edit usernames?

Had any luck on that? Can you check your version. I’m using the latest and I could see the option.

Oh wow, this option wasn’t there for me but I just found out this:

You have to enable “User Registration” in order to see the option “Email as Username”. You can turn that off and then also turn off user registration again, the setting of the then again invisible option remains disabled. Then, when saving the settings I’m able to edit usernames as expected.

It’s probably not ideal UX, I wonder if there is a place to report this such that it can be improved?

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