Chrome Cache Problem with Gatekeeper

Chrome is caching the initial successful request to my Gatekeeper Application.
So when I close the browser and open again, going to my Website. I am getting an cached 200 OK
without an initial Redirect.

So another part of my app makes a call to a backend, which is redirected, because not cached. Till to an Options-Request to


Where I am getting No-Cors Header in return and a CORS-Error by the browser.

My solution would be trying to get into initial cache-busting. so that the Chrome wouldn’t Cache the initial 200 OK. Do you have another idea?

@Sebastian.Wilhelm to answer your question I’m afraid to say that we need more details. Things like:

  1. How Gatekeeper is configured?
  2. What is your realm configuration?
  3. What is your client configuration?

Otherwise, anything I’d say here will be just a guess.

Well we got an nginx + html Frontend Data which is secured by a gatekeeper.
Realm Cors is on ‘*’ at the moment.
Client-Side would be prefered if it could be like *

But Gatekeeper is using go-chi and in go-chi this kind of function is not supported.

So I got already the answer

cheers && thx