CIBA OIDCException: 503 Unexpected response from authentication device

Hi everyone,

I’m working on CIBA auth flows (Keycloak 13 preview feature).
My client is well redirected to the AD (authentication device) by Keycloak (thanks to ciba-auth-channel SPI).
Then the AD returns a 204. Unfortunately my client get a 503 response with this error :

OIDCException(httpStatus=503 SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE, clientExceptionContent=ClientExceptionContent(error=server_error, errorDescription=Unexpected response from authentication device))

As defined in CIBA doc the Authentication Delegation Response status is 204

Can you help me to resolve this error please ?

Thanks for your help

I noticed in source code that the Authentication Delegation Response status is 201 and not 204 as mentioned in the documentation.

So returning 201 status resolves my problem.