Client session idle or client session Max time is not working only SSO Session Max time is working

In the realm settings, under token tab , i am trying to set

  • Client Session Idle

  • Client Session Max
    so that i can show session timeout in my application based upon the time i set in above field.
    But even after giving Client Session Idle and Client Session Idle time , i am not getting signout automatically.
    It is always taking time mentioned in “SSO Session Max” to sign out the user.
    below are the timing i have mentioned –

  • Client Session Idle - 3min

  • Client Session Max - 5min

  • SSO Session Max - 10min

the application is getting logout after 10min and not 5min irrespective of the user activity.

In the keycloak documentation , it is mentioned that it will take value mentioned in Client Session Max if SSO Session Max value is not mentioned.

What i need to implement is to show a popup when session timeout to the user so that if they want to stay in the application they can do that.