Clone Project Deploy problem: mvn clean wildfly:deploy

Hi all,

I would like to ask you if anyone knows what do in step Getting Started 4.3 Clone Project when it come to the step:
" mvn clean wildfly:deploy "?

I am not capable of depolying it successfully for the next step: http://localhost:8080/vanilla.
Although I have cloned it from GIT.
In the command line the only answer I recieve is that “mvn” does not exist when trying to deploy it.
Can I do something wrong the Wildfly Installation?

Please anyone, let me know and many thanks!

Kind regards,

Can you provide a link to the document you are referring to?

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started with Keycloak is to use a Docker image, for example:

docker pull jboss/keycloak
docker run -d --name keycloak \
  -p 10001:8080 \
  -v ~/workspace/Robinyo/serendipity:/serendipity \
  -e KEYCLOAK_USER=admin \

Navigate to the Welcome page: http://localhost:10001

Ref: Getting started with Keycloak

is Maven in your path ?