Common Resources and Quarkus

I’m interested in sharing resources across my custom theme. My understanding is that there are two variable/locations for resources: url.resourcesPath and url.resourcesCommonPath. The resourcesPath is specific to each theme subtype, so it doesn’t seem appropriate. resourcesCommonPath points to keycloak/common. Under Wildfly, this directory was already present and could have additions. It’s not there under Quarkus(presumably its in the default JAR). I can’t seem to figure out how to add resources to common, and I couldn’t find any documents that cover this under quarkus. Some documents talk about a theme-level common directory, but there don’t seem to be variables that map to that.

Correction, this does seem to be working under the following directory:

using variable resourcesCommonPath. I’m not sure what I did differently in the failed test.

It turns out there are some wrinkles with this. Adding a keycloak directory overwrites the keycloak theme in the JAR(I believe the docs state this). This breaks conoles using that theme. Under wildfly, I believe the whole theme was on the file system, so including common resources could be achieved with (additive) mounts or building additions into that directory. Under Quarkus, to use resourcesCommonPath for common theme elements, you need to extract the keycloak theme out of the JAR into that directory. Ideally, the theme-level common resources would their own path variable in the UrlBeans. Another option might be to allow for a special directory that gets overlaid into keycloak/common/resources.