Condition for ALWAYS_READ_VALUE_FROM_LDAP checkbox

Hey everyone,

I have setup an LDAP user federation without problems, but now I want to enable the ALWAYS_READ_VALUE_FROM_LDAP option for some mappers.

The problem I’m facing is that the checkbox to enable this option is only displayed if “Import Users” is enabled, but I don’t want to import users.

I noticed, that the condition was added with commit cf5e2a1d20de6401a8bfafe6ea8c10a2f3dd9f5c and it’s not really clear why.

Currently I’m using a “hack”:

  1. Enable “Import Users”
  2. Enable ALWAYS_READ_VALUE_FROM_LDAP for my mappers
  3. Disable “Import Users”

So there are basically two questions:

  • Was the condition added by accident or is there a good reason?
  • Is it possible that my little “hack” breaks something that I’m currently not noticing?

Thanks in advance,