Configure one site as two different oidc clients? (keycloak as oidc identity provider)


Thank you in advance for looking at this. Our site is using keycloak as the openid connect identity provider to do user authentication. We now face a problem of needing to access the site with two different urls, and not sure how to configure to let keycloak redirect to the right url which users use to access the site.

I’m considering adding the site as two different clients in one realm, each with one of the two urls as root url, and configure the site accordingly, so that the site may use the right client settings (mainly redirect url) when we access it with either one url, but don’t know how to write the configuration file (auth_openidc.conf). I’m not sure if it is possible to configure one site as two oidc clients? And would it be possible later to work as we want if so?

It would be really appreciated if any suggestion is given.

Thank you,
Kaiyue Wu