Configure server in production Mode

Hi everyone,

New with keycloak I have some issues maybe I don’t understand something:

I’m trying to deploy a new server with OpenJdk . I use this guid: Keycloak - Server - Configuring Keycloak for production

*Enabling TLS => I executed
.\kc.bat start --https-certificate-file=certfile.pem --https-certificate-key-file=keyfile.pem

And I obtain an error that I need to configure the hostname and if I try to configure the hostname: .\kc.bat start --hostname=mykeycloak.test.local

I have another message says I need to configure certificate…

I can configure all in a configuration file? how?

Can someone help me please? Any guide step by step

Thanks a lot

For exemple when I try to validate my ldap I obtain:

I need to configure the certificate but I can’t do it because my hostname is not active and vice versa