Configuring multiple OTP/WebAuthn

I have Keycloak 10.0.1. I’m interested in having two WebAuthn sources linked to my user account in a realm, but I don’t see how to do this yet. In order to get the first key enabled, I added ‘Webauthn register’ as a required action for my account, but there is no way to add the second because Webauthn is not available in the user account console. Is that correct? (I understand it needs the new account console which is under development.)

Some other posts and the release notes talk about having multiple OTPs enabled on your account. How is this possible? I don’t see a way to add a second in the user account console.


Hi! Currently you have to send yourself another e-mail invite, by adding Webauth Register again. Same thing for TOTP Tokens. One you register, the user account credential tab will list multiple valid tokens for the user.

You can already have multiple 2FA credentials, but you can only see the first one in the accounts console.

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Oh thanks, I’ll give that a shot