Configuring sticky session in haproxy for keycloak cluster

Hi, I am trying to configure keycloak standalone cluster and for load balancing I am using haproxy as frontend. I am using 2 keycloak servers as backend in haproxy and my backend configuration is:

backend backendnodes
balance roundrobin
#cookie KC_ROUTE insert indirect nocache
cookie AUTH_SESSION_ID prefix nocache
server keynd1 KEYCLOAKIP1_PORT check cookie keynd1
server keynd2 KEYCLOAKIP2_PORT check cookie keynd2

And I am starting my keycloak servers using the command:
./ -b KEYCLOAKIP1 -c standalone-ha.xml -Djboss.socket.binding.port-offset=200

I tried both AUTH_SESSION_ID and KC_ROUTE for sticky session, but getting 403, forbidden issue after logging in. What configurations I need to do for enabling sticky session for keycoak? Please help.

Thanks in advance,