Create client in Keycloak through Api calls

can you please provide the sample example git hub (REST API calls) i.e POST /{realm}/clients

Create a new client Client’s client_id must be unique and we are using the SAML

The best way to get an example for any Keycloak Admin APIs is to log into the Keycloak Admin UI, open the network inspector in your browser’s developer tools, and then do the action you are trying to get the API example for. The example will appear in the list of network calls. You can also right click on the method that gets called in the network list and click “Copy As”, which has a lot of options for cURL, fetch, etc.

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I understand the flow I.e create a client I’d through manuvally, My intention is create a client I’d through REST api , I.e with out login the key cloak

@xgp is saying that the Keycloak Admin UI uses the Admin APIs for every operation. If you can do it “manually” using the UI, using the network inspector in your browser will show you how to do that same operation using the Admin REST API.


My project requirement is everything post method api calls only I.e create a client and create roles and finny map the role to the client .