Creating an oauth flow with 1st party account selection

Hello. I’m new to keycloak. I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

In my application, we use keycloak for login. We have a users service that tracks users and an accounts service that tracks what accounts those users have access to.

In a new use case, I want to create a public API. When a user logs in via keycloak to connect with the integration, we need them to select which account(s) to allow the Oauth integration to access.

Somehow, we basically need a way for a user to authenticate using an authorized API token, and forward them to a page that says “select which accounts you want to grant access to” before forwarding them to the appropriate service.

I have been doing some research, but just wanted to get an idea. I have virtually zero JAVA programming experience. I’m most familiar with NodeJS. I should note that I’m fairly experienced in working with Oauth integrations through various APIs like Google, Twitter, Spotify and others.

Thank you!

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Hoping to bump this up a bit to see if anyone has some ideas? Thanks!