Creating client credentials on enduser dashboard

We have a frontend dashboard (react) served by a backend API (nestjs). The API service is open to be used by the public, to access the services. Currently we are manually having to create a client per user that wants to integrate and sending them a client id and client secret via email.

I would like to provide a way for end users to login and to create their own client (limit of one at a time) and view the client Id and client secret (with ability to regenerate the secret) right from the frontend dashboard.

To note:

  • Using kcadmin worries me because this requires adding a privileged user credentials in the backend or frontend source code. So unless there is better way to handle this, kcadmin is least desirable.
  • how can the client credentials be linked to the user that created them.
  • I tried giving users a default permission to create and view clients but this means user can see other clients credentials.
  • Desired result is similar to what PayPal has done for their users here

Thank you for the help

There is currently no way to link a client to the user that created it. I’d suggest you create a service account with only create/manage client roles and then track the ownership/authorization in your app.