Custom base theme used by other 2 customs themes


I currently have a custom theme (login) that works great. I need now to create a new custom theme that share a lot of code with the first one.

I’m trying to create a “custom-base” theme and then create 2 different theme “custom-1” & “custom-2” that will use “custom-base” as parent.

But i have a server error when i do that (“custom-1” & “custom-2” work great if a use “base” as parent) so i guess there is something wrong in what i did but i don’t knwo what.

let’s say i have my 3 themes:

  • custom-base
  • custom-1
  • custom-2

in the theme folder (where all themes are), how should i configure file of custom-1 & custom-2 to extends custom-base?

i tried

but it doesn’t work :frowning_face:

i’m not a java developper so maybe i missed something?

i would be very glad if someone can give me a clue
thanks :slight_smile:

Just guessing… remove dashes.

Thanks for your help

But unfortunatly, i still have the same Internal Server Error message.

Ok, i figured it out

my base theme was not properly loaded.

in mydev env, i added :

- ./custom-base:/opt/jboss/keycloak/themes/custom-base

in “keycloak: volumes” part of docker-compose.yml file

and now it works like a charm :slight_smile: