Custom login ans signup page instead of custom theme

Hi all

I would like to create custom login and sign up page instead of custom theme, that is described on the and because I would like to use this as UI.

The question is, it is possible to create own login or sign up page with easy integration to existing resources?

@keycloak_team would be very nice, if you could make the authentication of keycloak for flexible. Keycloak is just awesome. We are large company and would like to use Keycloak, because it is Red Hat.


Keycloak supports both OpenID Connect (an extension to OAuth 2.0) and SAML 2.0. When securing clients and services the first thing you need to decide is which of the two you are going to use. If you want you can also choose to secure some with OpenID Connect and others with SAML.

To secure clients and services you are also going to need an adapter or library for the protocol you’ve selected. Keycloak comes with its own adapters for selected platforms, but it is also possible to use generic OpenID Connect Relying Party and SAML Service Provider libraries.


Keycloak provides theme support for web pages and emails. This allows customizing the look and feel of end-user facing pages so they can be integrated with your applications.


Sample Theme: