Custom Tenant ID in Microsoft Identity Provider

Hi all, I have a problem with server configuration, which I can’t solve (for now I can solve it by defining a generic OpenID connect, but this solution has other problems).

Is it possible to use a custom Tenant ID in Microsoft identity provider connector?

In other words is possible to change AUTH_URL and TOKEN_URL (according to the source code: keycloak/ at master · keycloak/keycloak · GitHub) to replace ‘common’ endpoint with my Tenant ID endpoint, i.e. instead of:


I need


This change is necessary for my application to run as a Single Tenant. The ‘common’ endpoint only supports Multi Tenant applications.

Thanks for help.


Same question here, i cannot find a way to select a tenant when using the microsoft identity provider.

It would be possible to implement your own custom Identity Provider extension that allows you to override the endpoint with the tenant ID. This could either be done dynamically (i.e. add to the realm-identity-provider-microsoft.html template and store the tenant ID value in the identity provider config), or you could just do a one-off for your specific tenant ID.

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No news about this issue?? it is a show stopper for this integration to work with a regular Azure AD Tenant config.