Custom User Attributes

I am using version 15.0.2 of key cloak.
Earlier I needed to add a custom attribute in the registration page, So I flowed the documentation and was successful in implementing the custom attribute,
Now wherever I am extending a theme by default the custom attribute I had added before comes along with it, even though I don’t have any .flt file while extending the theme.
Can anyone help me or explain why I am getting this error/ custom attribute without adding it

Templating follows inheritance. Using a parent theme means to inherit everything from the parent. You then only need to customize the resources you want to.

I did Read the Manual, @dasniko sniko
I guess I wasn’t able to explain it properly…
Let’s say I created a theme A by extending it from base, In it I added customized user attribute (named mobile) in registration page by modifying the register.ftl in theme A, which worked well.
Now the error I am facing is,
when ever I create a new theme (let’s say theme B) and extend it from base. In theme B I haven’t added any custom attribute yet, but Still I am able to see the custom attribute I made in theme A…
Can you explain this irregularity.

The inheritance works well, as documented and as intended. Working with it since years, no problems, no cross inheritance which is not configured. :man_shrugging:

I know that cross inheritance is not configured,
That’s why I came here for help.

I think he is saying that he creates 2 custom themes (A and B) with the base as parent. Theme A is extended with a custom attribute and theme B is not extended. The result is that B also had the extended custom attribute.

@John1 : Can you share the details that are related for this problem/behaviour? If you change the theme to base. You don’t see the extra attribute?

But the error somehow got resolved after restarting keycloak.
and yes ,if I change the theme to base I do not see the extra attribute