Custom user storage spi with custom db i.e psql/mysql

I am trying to find a solution for below use cases-
I want to use the custom user storage spi in which i can authenticate a user which are stored in my custom db i.e psql db with its metadata. As the number of users is large i don’t want to migrate the user in keycloak.
i had tried by creating a custom user storage spi as per the document available but unable to link it with my db.
Could any help me in solving the issue.
Please revert if more details needed on issue.

Hi Hemant, I just saw your question, you probably solved it already - but were you able to provide the necessary settings to override UserStorageProvider (and its Factory), adding the required MET-INF/services link to your implementation, and configuring the Federation for your plugin?
If the issue is only while trying to fetch the user from the database, you may be able to check indications from your log (such as no driver found).

Could you please share your solution for this use case, I am looking for the solution for the same scenario. Hopefully you have implemented this for your projects.

Thanks in advance !!