Customizting password recovery email

Hello, i’m a newb. i’m trying ton customize my recovery password email. so i’ve made a new folder in our custom theme directory (please see attached screen shot). then i added the property passwordResetBodyHtml to bot a and a file

no matter what though, the email is still some sort of standard default. according to the documentation that is all that needs to be done.Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 11.19.14 AM

i thought that would fix my problem, but it hasn’t. and i’ve scoured the keycloak docs: i read this page all the way through and have followed the instructions:

it’s still not working

You will need both the html and text folder under emails as Keycloak sends them both.
You also need to set the email type in a keycloak-themes.json file that must be located under META-INF

A example can be found under keycloak-themes.json

If you want your theme to be active for your realm you must also set it under realm settings > theme settings

If you still experience problems after this create a git repo so we can take a look

i have already added email into keycloak-themes.json as i alluded to on Friday. we already have a custom theme & it is enabled and working for login. i copied the text folder over and it’s still not working for email. :frowning:

our gitlab repo is behind a VPN so i don’t think it would be possible for you to look at that. i can only screen shot. i can’t give out any company-proprietary anything

Remove the parent line in your email/ file and try again

thanks. that’s long gone. i changed things since i was last whinging on friday

but thanks for all your help. it’s much appreciated

I’m out of ideas though, hope you’ll find a solution.
Let us know when you do on what the problem was.