Default JBOSS install giving "NS_BINDING_ABORTED" on admin login

I am trying to get to know Keycloak and I’m trying to run the default jdk build using steps mentioned on Keycloak - Guide - Keycloak on OpenJDK on Windows 10?

It ran as a described and runs in JBOSS instance with my azul java 11 and the inital UI shows with admin user creation UI. I created an admin user, but it didn’t update the UI as I’d expect like with a user created successfuly or something but on refreshing the page it no longer offered admin user creation ui so I guess it worked. However when I then go to the admin login ui I can’t login with my ceated creds…it POSTs to http://localhost:8080/auth/realms/master/login-actions/authenticate but never completes and both FF and Chrome dev tools gives me an ‘NS_BINDING_ABORTED’ .

Anyone know a work around or known issue arround this?

Can you give us some keycloak logs?

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ctrl-c on cmd window produced full log:

Sorry cannot help you. Seems like a database problem. You can try to activate debug logs.

ok I’ll give the docker image a go…since I’ve not done anything non vanilla and just relying on default h2

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Actually I just restarted my machine and it started working :slight_smile: