Dependecy management with Maven and automating building process of custom SPIs

UPDATE: Ok! I just realized they are, in fact, added to the POM. Things are not magic, indeed! Thanks for the attention!

Hello, everyone!

It has been almost 10 years since last time I did any work with Java, so I’m a little rusty in some areas. One being automating the compilation and building process using Maven.

In Netbeans, if I need to add an external dependency, I can do that inside the IDE and look for my external library and add it there (e.g. ~/exemple/.m2/repository/org/keycloak/keycloak-server-spi/1.0-SNAPSHOT/keycloak-server-spi-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar). Then, add anything else that I need into my POM and everything is sorted out!

This manually added library is not a Maven entry in my pom.xml, so there will be no look-up in repositories when I run my build task - if I got it right.

Inside IDE and in my personal workstation, this process works flawless, but I do not know how and where to put keycloak-server-spi-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar in if I plan to automate this process when working with CI/CD.

Thank you in advance!